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Woodworking Plans Platform Bed

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Woodworking Plans Platform Bed

Woodworking Plans Platform Bed

Woodworking Plans Platform Bed
Woodworking Plans Platform Bed

Platform Bed Woodworking Plans

Have you ever thought about building a platform bed as an alternative to buying one at a retail store? The beds frames are designed with a special board that is actually able to support the weight of a mattress without using a box spring or any foundation. This makes it a very fun practical woodworking project.

Before you get started, you should decide on what style you want to use. You can build a very simple design without a footboard, headboard, accessories or go for a more complicated style with a lot of design going on. Once you have chosen you can begin finding the correct plans for your project.

Once you decide on which type of bed frame you want and have the correct plans for your project it is time to begin, just make sure to follow the plans very carefully because a project like this can very easily get confusing. Be sure the plans you are using came from a good source, many of the free plans you get off the internet are very poorly done and end up causing a lot of trouble due to errors in design.

Customization Ideas

A few things you can do is add a strong and solid poster to turn it into a poster style bed. Make a pull out drawer under the bed giving it some stylish storage space. Give your bed gently swooping lines, you can use it with a tatami mat to make it a Japanese style platform bed.

How To Get Woodworking Plans For Platform Beds

If you are interested in Woodworking plans for your Platform Bed then I strongly recommend checking out this review on an ebook that has over 14,000 top quality plans for woodworking projects. Woodworking Plans Review.

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