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Pantry Woodworking Plans

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Pantry Woodworking Plans

Pantry Woodworking Plans

Pantry Woodworking Plans
Pantry Woodworking Plans

Kitchen pantry cabinet design – how to begin

For your next woodworking project, you might consider a pantry cabinet. This can be a reasonably simple job for an amateur woodworker, and a breeze if you are an old hand. Of course, if you want to make your own cabinet rather than buy one ready-made from a store, some pantry cabinet plans would come in useful so you are not reinventing the wheel, as it were.

One thing you will probably do is look up different pantry cabinet designs among the selections on offer through and other major retailers and pick out some different types to get inspiration. You could then base your plans on these, or buy some ready designs for them (such as the highly-recommended Ted’s Woodworking plans – you should have these in your collection if you haven’t already!).

The classic pantry cabinet design is probably the easiest – nothing remarkable about it, a pretty simple box design, though that doesn’t mean it’s ugly, just more functional than anything else. Probably it will be tucked away somewhere where it won’t be visible, and you might forego the glass panelling so the food inside cannot be seen – a glass-fronted door can be a positive or negative design feature, depending on how you see it. This design would be quite easy for the amateur woodworker to put together, though it would be worth thinking about a stronger construction method than just the usual dowelled butt joints as a pantry cabinet needs to take quite a bit of weight. I have personally used metal angle brackets for a very similar project – not quite as neat, but you know it can take the weight.

Finding ready-made pantry cabinet plans

If you are thinking of tackling a pantry cabinet project then you need some good, easy-to-follow designs that will be easy to put together if you are an amateur woodworker, but that will also be flexible enough for you to adapt if you are more experienced. Want a wider pantry cabinet? A taller one, or with different shelf spacing? Any plans you follow should allow you the freedom to adapt your pantry cabinet design to your own requirements and tastes.

And no matter how experienced you are, of course you still want good diagrams, in colour (there’s really no need for grainy black and white woodworking blueprints any more) so you can visualise the end result before you even start out. There have to be step-by-step instructions too – and a complete materials lists, you should not be left to guess or improvise, unless you want to of course!

You may well come across some free pantry cabinet plans around the Internet, but those are a risky venture. If you really want your kitchen pantry cabinet to turn out the way you wanted, you would be better off finding some professionally-designed plans like Ted’s Woodworking, the top-selling package of woodworking plans which we mentioned earlier.

You haven’t got those yet? They are a collection that every amateur woodworker should have in his or her arsenal.

Ted’s Woodworking is a collection of no less than 16,000 (sixteen THOUSAND) woodworking plans, including of course plenty of pantry cabinet designs of all kinds. And in the unlikely event that Ted’s Woodworking should not have the plans you are looking for then it doesn’t matter because he gives no less than 60 days money back guarantee – we think that’s what’s usually known as a no-brainer!

Oh, and he gives you a free woodworking design software package, a set of 150 videos AND a book on how to start your own woodworking business – all as a free bonus. Yep, it really is a no-brainer for the price!

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