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Garden Trellis Woodworking Plans

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Garden Trellis Woodworking Plans

Garden Trellis Woodworking Plans

Garden Trellis Woodworking Plans
Garden Trellis Woodworking Plans

Trellis Plans – Things to Consider in Building a Trellis

A trellis would definitely make a difference in the overall landscape of your yard. It makes a very good backdrop amidst a beautiful landscape designs. The best thing is, you can make your own trellis with top notch trellis plans.

A trellis serve as a support for vines and plants. You can have a trellis in place of a fence and add more vibrant design to your garden. And there are several reasons why you should build one yourself. That is, if you have inherent love for woodworking. First, it’s an easy project to finish. And there’s a lot of savings since you don’t have to spend on labor costs.

However, there are several things to consider once you’ve decided to build a trellis. some of these things are:


Trellises comes in varying sizes and dimension. It’s dimension would hugely depend on the purpose and placement of the trellis. For example, some structures are placed to fill the whole length of the fence. While other trellis designs remains an unobtrusive background that blends well with the overall landscape of your garden.

Either way, you need to determine the specific dimension that works best in your situation. Additionally, the trellis should be big enough to occupy its designated space while small enough to not completely overwhelm the area and become a sore to the eyes.


Since a trellis is placed outdoors, you need to give particular attention to the type of materials you are using for its construction. And there happens to be a wide array of material types to choose. The most common ones are wood, vinyl and metals such as copper and iron.

Each has different advantages as well as drawbacks. But based in my own experience, I have a slight preference for wood for the simple reason that I will have an easier time handling wood than other types of materials.

So if you’ve decided to use wood as well, I strongly suggest you use hard wood such as cedar or redwood as it is very sturdy. Another alternative could be using pressure treated wood.

Trellis Plans

In my experience of building my own trellis, I’ve had an easier time because I already have quality trellis plans that I was going to use to guide me during the planning stage as well as the construction. And true enough, I was able to finish the structure more speedily.

You can have this advantage too. Just make sure that the design of the trellis plan suits your preference. And it will be very nifty if it comes with easy to implement instructions as well as very good working diagrams. This way, you can easily follow through with the step by step process.

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