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Free Birdhouse Woodworking Plans

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Free Birdhouse Woodworking Plans

Free Birdhouse Woodworking Plans

Free Birdhouse Woodworking Plans
Free Birdhouse Woodworking Plans

Got bird house plans?

Any woodworker who intends to build bird houses needs to plan the project with a number of things in mind.

The primary concern should be the species of bird the house is to accommodate. Wren bird house plans vary considerably from blue bird house plans which do not resemble purple martin bird house plans.  Each unique species has its needs and preferences which the woodworker must take into consideration. Pay as much, if not more, attention to this detail as any other.

Bird houses are an excellent and rewarding project for kids.  Heck, simple bird house plans make a great starter project period!  It is easy to recover the cost of supplies by selling the bird houses. There is always demand for well constructed bird houses at craft fairs and farmer’s markets. In fact, there is so much demand that I almost always turn a profit.  What better way to introduce woodworking to today’s youth!

Experienced craftsmen can turn decorative bird house plans into magnificent works of art.  Imagine the pleasure of strolling through a garden and spying a well crafted work of art being used as a safe haven for a family of Gold Finches.

Its easy to find a number of free bird house plans can be found on the internet, but a bit of caution must be used, paying particular attention to the points above.  The purpose of a bird house is of course to house birds…so if the free plans you intend to use have not taken into account the needs of the bird, your lovely project may never be used by its intended audience.

As an experienced craftsman, I would highly recommend purchasing plans that are designed with a particular species in mind.  As with any project, if you start with an accurate set of plans, the resulting product will be both beautiful and functional.

Have some fun this weekend and create a lovely home for our fine feathered friends…and what a wonderful bonus should you happen to inspire a child to take up woodcraft!

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