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Dresser Plans Woodworking Free

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Dresser Plans Woodworking Free

Dresser Plans Woodworking Free

Dresser Plans Woodworking Free
Dresser Plans Woodworking Free

Dresser Plans – Things to Consider in Building Your Own Dresser

A good dresser will not only provide space for clothes, it also makes a statement for your bedroom. Believe it or not, the design of the dresser creates a lot of impression on the overall design of your bedroom. And this is why I firmly believe that those who are able to, should build their own dresser with the help of excellent dresser plans.

I could think of several advantages of building your own dresser. For one, if you built the dresser yourself, you can easily customize its color and design to suit the design of the room. Also, if you built it yourself, a quality dresser wouldn’t cost as much as the one you buy in stores.

So then, if you are quite decided on building a dresser yourself, let’s go over a couple of things you need to plan and prepare for this project. Here are some of those:


First off, you need to decide exactly how big do you want our dresser to be. This factor hinges on a lot of things. For example you would need to think about your budget as well as the things you will be placing inside the dresser. Additionally, you need to consider the space inside the bedroom as well if it can accommodate the size you have in mind.

Also, you need to have an idea on the dimensions of the divisions of the dresser. And if you are planning to have some drawers, you need to decide how many and how big will the drawers be.


The materials you’re going to use for this project greatly depends on your budget. Material choices, particularly wood, comes in different price range depending on quality. For example, you may choose the more high grade and expensive wood like cherry, maple or walnut. But if you have limited budget, plywood would also do.

Whatever you lack in terms of wood quality, you can certainly make up in the finish you’ll use for the dresser. For this you can use varnish or paint. And it’s extremely important that you choose the right kind f finish as it will determine the final outcome of the project.

Dresser Plans

If you want to have an easier time during construction, I strongly suggest that you use top notch dresser plans for this project. you will be aptly guided throughout the whole process this way. As a result there will lesser room for mistakes and glitches during construction.

Moreover, in choosing an excellent blueprint to use, I strongly advise you to look for a blueprint with a good design that’s suitable for you. It would also benefit you if the same dresser blueprint would have a good working diagrams so you can easily follow and implement all the instruction.

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