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Diy Projects Wood Pallets

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Diy Projects Wood Pallets

Diy Projects Wood Pallets

Diy Projects Wood Pallets
Diy Projects Wood Pallets

The Positive Impact Of Wooden Pallet Recycling Services On The …

Typically, a pallet contains several slats and other components. These components can be removed from pallets that are broken and used to repair pallets that are still useful. Consequently, these components can be used to create new pallets altogether from the remaining pieces. Even pieces that are too damaged can be ground and used as mulch or as pellets in wood stoves. Even in their damaged state, they can still be useful!

Pallet Recycling

According to statistical data, close to a half a billion pallets are either manufactured or refurbished each year. Less than 5% of these end up in the landfills. This is not the case with metal or plastic pallets, which are harder to recycle or turn into other usable things. This explains why wood pallets are considered as environmentally friendly. With minor repairs, they can last for years, while those that cannot be repaired may be put to other uses.

In the United States it is estimated that close to two billion pallets are used for transporting a variety of products. The average pallet will last four years, and can be used a number of times. The most challenging part, however, is reusing and recycling them. This is true if the number of unused or unwanted pallets lying on major loading docks is anything to go by.

Seize the Opportunity

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To someone who cares about the environment, this is not a challenge, but rather an entrepreneurial opportunity. You can take a little time to drive around town and find dozens of unwanted or unused pallets ready to be picked up. The places around which these pallets lie often consider them as trash, and would stop at nothing to throw them away. But you now know that there is a real opportunity in finding, repairing, recycling and reusing these wood pallets.

Besides helping the environment, recycling pallets is also a great way of making some money on the side—and it does not require a lot of investment. With a small vehicle, a hammer, some nails and a pair of gloves, you are ready to start this business.

Pallet recycling is easy—and profitable. While you’re doing your part for the environment you can also put a few bucks in your pocket. Numerous companies recycle their pallets as part of their everyday business. Some companies are aware of the value of pallets, and charge their customers for the pallets that are not returned.

Pallet recycling is also a learning experience. It is what most environmentalists champion for. If all recyclable items were treated the same way as pellets, then there would be significantly less pollution and waste in the world. Even though recycling is gaining momentum, it is still not as common or effective as pallet recycling.

Nine pieces of furniture made from shipping pallets

Shipping pallets are a plentiful source of wood to reclaim and build with. Since pallets are rough hewn, they lend themselves to rustic pieces of furniture, which happen to be in style right now….

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