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Cnc Router Wood Projects

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Cnc Router Wood Projects

Cnc Router Wood Projects

Cnc Router Wood Projects
Cnc Router Wood Projects

Growth Continues at Diversified Machine Systems, a 3 & 5 Axis CNC Router and Machine Center Manufacturer, with New …

Continual growth of a Colorado Springs, CO-based CNC Machining Center manufacturer prompts new building purchase.Colorado Springs, CO (PRWEB) January 23, 2013 Diversified Machine Systems, a leading manufacturer of 3 and 5 axis CNC routers and machining centers based in Colorado Springs, CO, is happy to announce that they have finalized the acquisition of a new manufacturing facility that they …

CNC Router Plays Key Role in X2's Construction of New Amsterdam …

X2 US, together with its Dutch sister company X kwadraat, won the bidding to build the New Amsterdam Pavilion near Battery Park at the southern tip of Manhattan. The 56-foot flower-shaped building is a gift from the government of the Netherlands to the City of New York to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Captain Henry Hudson’s discovery of Manhattan. X2 proposed a tubular steel structure topped with a network of wooden ribs covered with two layers of bent plywood covered and coated with polyurea to realize architect Ben van Berkel’s vision.

When X2 started operations two years ago, it was primarily a metal shop but this project spurred the company to expand into woodworking. Without a CNC, X2 would have cut 160 sheets of plywood by hand to make the ribs but discovered it would have taken months to complete the job manually. So the company quickly decided to automate and purchased a Techno LC Series model 4896 computer numerical control (CNC) router and completed the job in only 7 working days, reducing costs and helping to meet project deadlines. X2 has since used the router for many other projects as it has expanded its abilities to provide full service to its customers by servicing both their metalworking and woodworking requirements.

Symbol of Dutch-American friendship

In December 2008 the Netherlands awarded the Battery Conservancy a grant to design and construct the New Amsterdam Plein and Pavilion as a permanent symbol of 400 years of Dutch-American friendship. The structure will be the centerpiece of Peter Minuit Plaza, an intermodal transportation hub where bicycles, buses, subway and water transportation all intersect. This destination is, in the words of architect Ben van Berkel, “the ideal site for a permanent commemoration of 400 years of Dutch history in New York, because it is steeped in a sense of a shared past and looks directly toward the harbor where Henry Hudson sailed, but is also entirely focused on the future by virtue of its role as a modern transportation hub within the constantly changing scene of Lower Manhattan.”

The size of the project was a major challenge. The pavilion is so large that it had to be disassembled and shipped by truck to the building site. The entire project also had to meet New York City’s complicated building codes. The Battery Conservancy chose X2 US to fabricate and install the building. The fact that X2 was selected to work on this project is particularly fitting since the group’s sister company is based in the Netherlands. “It is remarkable that this cooperation between these companies exemplifies the reason for the gift of the pavilion, namely the inseparable link between the Netherlands and the United States,” reads a press release issued by X2. Known for its innovative engineering solutions to complex architectural projects, X2′s mission is to bridge the gap between an architect’s design or concept and reality. The company takes the designer’s vision and comes up with production method and materials that will meet the artistic and functional goals of the project while staying within the schedule and budget.

X2 was originally formed primarily to build machine support frames for the semiconductor industry. These frames are built from welded tube steel, plates and concrete to support complex semiconductor equipment and prevent them from vibrating. The recent downturn in the semiconductor industry made it necessary for the company to seek business in other areas and the New Amsterdam Pavilion is one result of that effort. When the company won the project it was focused almost entirely on metalworking. The first thought was to outsource the woodworking aspects of the project to X kwadraat in theNetherlands, which already had considerable woodworking equipment including a CNC router. But the project was on a tight schedule and the concern existed that the project would have been at the mercy of shipping delays if this direction had been taken.

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