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Chest Of Drawers Woodworking Plans

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Chest Of Drawers Woodworking Plans

Chest Of Drawers Woodworking Plans

Chest Of Drawers Woodworking Plans
Chest Of Drawers Woodworking Plans

Woodworking Plans And Projects For The Weekend Warrior or The …

Are you like me and you love to build stuff?  Or maybe you are looking to get started with a new hobby?  Either way without an easy to use library of woodworking plans and projects you won’t go far.

Personally I don’t need any plans to build say a chest of drawers.  There is one design I can build with my eyes closed.  But if I wanted to build a different style, or a chair or crib or table or whatever I would be lost without a plan.

Woodworking plans and projects
come in all different types. There is the one page exploded view of some thing that doesn’t have any dimensions or details to the complete set of plans with simple to understand written instruction, specific details, and complete material lists.  Some, like the woodworking plan library I subscribe to, even have real person customer support and video tutorials.

You could spend any where from nothing at all for a simple diagram that does not tell you much, to hundreds of dollars for a custom designed hard copy set of plans. 

I have done both that is until I found what I currently have which is a downloadable library of over fourteen thousand different woodworking plans and projects.  That is right, I said more than 14,000 different woodworking projects.

And you know what? I only paid fifty dollars for it.  Plus I get technical and customer support and a there is a member’s area that has a separate library of video instruction / tutorials.

The internet is really an amazing thing.  It was not taht long ago that there was no internet and none of us even dreamed of being able to access resources like this.  But now we can, and I say if it is available, why not use it?  I can even watch the videos on my phone in my shop.

There is so much to this library of woodworking plans and projects that quite literally I could not list it all here.  But here is some of the plans, and keep in mind there are several different designs for each:

Plans for beds, tables, chairs, sheds, cribs, pool tables, bird houses, desks, garages, boxes, benches, garages, book shelves… that does not even scratch the surface.  Really if you like to build stuff you need this.

When I first saw this deal I thought it was some sort of gimmick, but it isn’t, in fact there is a no questions asked money back guarantee (this what actually convinced me to spend the money).

I would not dream of returning this though, it is just way too awesome.  I now have a lifetime of woodworking plans and projects, maybe even two lifetimes!

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