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Armor Wood Plans

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Armor Wood Plans

Armor Wood Plans

Armor Wood Plans
Armor Wood Plans

How realistic should school shooting drills be? – WOOD-TV

How realistic should school shooting drills be?
Most states started to require school emergency management plans after the 1999 shooting at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colo., though the types of scenarios and preparation vary widely, according to data compiled by the Education Commission of

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Chain Mail Armor

Historical Arms and Armour Institute was established a few years ago by a group of dedicated men, who hold to their heart and have great concern towards our rich European culture, especially that of Malta, The Island of the Great Siege of 1565, the island where the era of the Knight was eased out., Amongst others Historical Arms and Armour Institute have Master craftsmen and Master armourers who have been producing functional authentic replicas of Arms and Armour for the past twenty-five years of experience in professional consultancy in all the stages required for manufacturing of Arms and Armour. Historical Arms and Armour Institute have produced pieces of armour, for local museums such as The Palace Armoury, Palazzo Falzone and also for the Malta International Airport, of which a showcase with our armour is on display at the Arrivals section (look it up on your next trip to Malta). Historical Arms and Armour Institute have also been commissioned by Heritage Malta to recreate missing pieces for original armour presently on display at the Palace armoury and in European Union. Historical Armouries at Historical Arms and Armour Institute, educate and teach all that one needs to know about period arms and armour, how it was made, how it works, what was its function, when it was used, who used such armour, etc. Historical Arms and Armour Institute have also introduced a New Adult course on production of authentic Arms and armour, the first of its kind in Europe. This course is spanned over 3 years and we are on the 3rd year now. Our students have learned how to make maille armour, and shields, have also learned a lot about Arms and Armour in general and of course a comprehensive study of historical battles, war tactics, and function of siege weapons. Historical Armouries also cater for the movie industry, should any movie company require our services with regards to arms armour or man power, we can accommodate them locally, which makes things much easer and economic for the movie makers in question. In the very near future we shall be introducing historical re-enactments of all sorts, including a museum and library, close to our workshops.

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